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eValid -- AutoPlay Demos
Manual PowerPoint Tutorials
IMPORTANT NOTE: These AutoPlay Scripts Work ONLY With eValid V9

eValid AutoPlay Playback Demo Scripts are pre-recorded scripts that are supplied direct from our WebSite. They play back in your eValid browser, illustrating eValid operation by using commands supported in the eValid product. Click on your script choice below and follow the instructions on the next screen.

Note: These AutoPlay scripts take ~3 minutes to run. You can pause and resume playback by toggling F8. Or you can use the Pause/Play control on the eValid GUI or on the eValid dashboard.

These AutoPlay scripts are engineered to work only with eValid V9. You should download the latest version of eValid to assure that these playbacks run reliably. You do not need a current eValid license key; the scripts are AutoPlay (they have an AUTOPLAY9 tag in the fist script line); they will run on any eValid V9 instance. Note: You must have IE installed on your machine, and you should be running Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.

AutoPlay Live Playback Scripts
Each script below illustrates one or more eValid operations with playbacks on live websites.

NOTE: Because the websites accessed in these demonstration scripts are "live" and may change with time, there is a slight chance that your eValid AutoPlay script won't behave correctly. Please let us know if one of these websites "regresses".

Basic Navigation Demonstration
Site Analysis Demonstration
Visual Performance and Multiple Playback Demonstration
Yahoo! Login Demonstration

PowerPoint (PPT) Tutorial Playback Scripts
These playbacks step you through the PowerPoint presentations.
eValid Testing Tutorial
GUI Interface Tutorial
Logs Tutorial
Link Confirmation Tutorial
Site Analysis Tutorial
Server Loading Tutorial
Page Tuning Tutorial
Performance Check Tutorial
Login & Logout Tutorial
E-commerce / Email Portal Tutorial
Advanced Recordings for Applets Tutorial
Modal Dialogs Tutorial
Validating Video Multimedia Tutorial
eV.Manager Tutorial
Timer Alarms Tutorial

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